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Tuition Rates for the 2023-24 Academic Year

$1100         Preschool​

$2200         Young 5's (2 days a week)

$3300         Young 5's (3 days a week)

$5500         Young 5's (5 days a week)

$5700         Kindergarten

$7500         Grades 1-5

$8250         Grades 6-12

$10,668      Arrowsmith

$200           Capital Maintenance fee per family

$55             TADS (financial assistance fee) per family

K-12 Multi-student Discounts:​


If you are enrolling more than 2 children grades K - 12, you are eligible for a multi-child discount. Please contact the school’s Finance Director for more information.

Early Payment Discounts (K-12 only):

  • a 3% discount can be claimed if tuition is paid in full by July 1, 2023

  • a 2% discount can be claimed if partial tuition is paid by July 1, 2023

Families applying for need-based tuition assistance for the upcoming school year must complete the financial aid application on the TADS website once enrollment is completed.  

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