At NMCS curriculum documents serve as mirrors and compasses.  They reflect what teachers actually do in their classroom—content, pedagogy, assessments, Christian perspectives—and what they dream of doing.  The result is a document that records classroom practice, that gives direction, and that allows innovation and creativity by teachers.


Curriculum documents are crafted by teachers themselves in collaboration with a curriculum writer on staff.  Using the Understanding by Design framework, the committees determine an overall philosophy of instruction, list the Enduring Values and Essential Questions of a discipline, establish Standards and Benchmarks, and publish actual Assessments used by various teachers throughout the grades.


One essential result of this process is the teachers’ investment in creating the curriculum rather than their receiving one from outside or above.  Again, the documents reveal what NMCS teachers actually do and what they strive toward.


Some sources for our written curricula include our own philosophical and curricular documents.  However, NMCS also investigates and researches curricula from other states, other school districts and other Christian schools known for outstanding curriculum in a particular field of study, the Common Core State Standards Initiative, professional organizations for the teaching of particular disciplines, and Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning.


If you are interested in reviewing specific curriculum documents, please contact the school.