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At NMCS we focus on the whole child -- mind, body, and soul in Christian community. Fatih integration is key to what we do! By asking students to consider three big questions throughout subjects, we help shape a biblical worldview in partnership with parents. 


What are three key questions we ask and why?


  • Where is the good?

    • God created everything good. How and where do we see his work through history and in our lives today?


  • Where is the bad?

    • Sin entered the world and corrupted it. How and where has sin tainted and broken our world?


  • How do we make it better?  

    • Jesus came to redeem and restore us. How can we join his work with the help of the Holy Spirit to redeem, reclaim, restore, and renew the world for Him?

At NMCS curriculum documents serve as mirrors and compasses.  They reflect what teachers actually do in their classroom—content, pedagogy, assessments, Christian perspectives—and what they dream of doing.  The result is a document that records classroom practice, that gives direction, and that allows innovation and creativity by teachers.


One essential result of this process is the teachers’ investment in creating the curriculum rather than their receiving one from outside or above.  Again, the documents reveal what NMCS teachers actually do and what they strive towards.

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