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NMCS recognizes that the world of education is ever-changing, and there is a need for students to engage in an excellent, 21st-century educational program. To that end, NMCS provides opportunities for students to take college-level classes as dual credit classes.  

ONLINE:  At times, students are interested in taking courses which NMCS does not offer, or they are interested in getting a head start on attaining college credits.  Enrolling students in an online course allows NMCS to provide those “out-of-the-box” opportunities.  Online course credits can be taken to meet not only high-school credit requirements but can also allow a student to receive college credit during his/her high-school career.  NMCS has worked closely with Bethel University (Mishawaka, IN), Calvin University (Grand Rapids, MI), Spring Arbor University (Spring Arbor, MI), and Taylor University (Upland, IN) which have offered courses to NMCS high-school students in astronomy, computer science, history, oral communication, philosophy, psychology, religion, and sociology.  The student enrolled in an online course works in close communication with the NMCS’s guidance counselor so as to monitor the student’s progress.


DUAL ENROLLMENT:  The dual-enrollment program allows NMCS students to fulfill NMCS high-school requirements while earning college credit.  With this “embedded” dual-enrollment model, students are able to complete their course requirements at NMCS during the regularly scheduled class periods, and courses are taught by NMCS instructors.  Most recently NMCS has worked closely with Baker College (Cadillac, MI) and Spring Arbor University (Spring Arbor, MI) and has offered dual-enrollment classes in accounting, agriculture, oral communication, and personal finance.  NMCS looks to expand dual-enrollment offerings in the future.


For additional information about online offerings and or dual enrollment opportunities, please contact the school’s guidance counselor, Dave VanHaitsma (231-825-2492).

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