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At Northern Michigan Christian School our mission and vision are based on the belief that each child is created in God's image with value that cannot be measured. As image bearers of God, children must develop spiritually as well as mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. 


Preschool - Ages 3/4 

  • Half Day. This runs from 8-11:30 on T/Th.

  • Half Day plus Lunch Bunch. The Lunch Bunch group gets extra outside time and then eats lunch in the cafeteria with the Young Fives. Pick up is at 12:30. 

  • Full Day. This runs from 8-2:50. Students will be part of Lunch Bunch and do some music with the Young Fives class. Then they will return to their room for a story, an hour long rest time, and an activity before going outside again.

Young 5's - Ages 4/5 

  • 2 day a week program. Parents may choose M/W or T/TH. 

  • 3 day a week program. Friday is added to M/W or T/TH. 

  • 5 day a week program. Students will attend the enrichment class on M/W and the curriculum class on T/TH/F.


  • Living closer to Jesus

  • Learning to cooperate cheerfully with others

  • Achieving a good self-image

  • Functioning comfortably in a routine and structured environment

  • Improving verbal and auditory skills

  • Developing motor and perceptual skills 

  • Recognizing numbers and developing basic number skills

  • Developing reading readiness skills

Wooden Alphabets


Please follow the link below to register for Preschool or Young 5's. 

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