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Our Board of Directors

The Northern Michigan Christian School (NMCS) Board of Directors believes that, as representatives of the NMCS parents and association members, it is a duty and a privilege to provide Christian education for its students.  There are four foundational values of Northern Michigan Christian School that the Board of Directors has committed to uphold and advance:

NMCS is a Christian school.
NMCS is a covenantal school.
NMCS is committed to excellence.
NMCS must be accessible to all.

The Northern Michigan Christian School Board of Directors meets the 3rd Monday of each month.

2022-23 Board of Directors

*Denotes end of term July 2023

Tod Winkle, President

Finance Committee

Dan Shaarda., Vice President

Athletic Committee

Mark Lanser, Secretary *

Education Committee

Jodi Bosscher

Marketing Committee

Mark Haan *

Athletic Committee

Stephanie VanHouten *

Athletic Committee

Katie Koetje

Education Committee

Tim Bailey


Rich Smallegan


Travis Winkle

Finance Committee

New for 2023-24 Board of Directors

Katelyn Richard

Tyler Gernaat

Dan Villwock

Tom Ebels

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