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A year in Kindergarten at NMCS is a year of growth and development. We learn to have confidence in our ability to tackle challenges of learning. Our goal is to learn to work alongside of our friends and get along with others by taking turns, sharing and listening to our fellow classmates. We learn to develop a love for books, language and writing. We satisfy our curiosity of numbers, shapes and patterns in our daily math lessons. Learning about the world in science and social studies opens our eyes to all the interesting things God has placed in front of us to explore. Most importantly we do all this while we build on the foundation of how God created us, why God created us and what God created us to do. - Mrs. Dick (Kindergarten Teacher)


Below are some 10 skills that may show if your student is ready for Kindergarten: 

  1. Able to follow a structured routine

  2. Able to follow simple rules from teachers

  3. Know their first and last name

  4. Know basic colors and shapes

  5. Recognize and name letters (lower and upper case) and numbers (1-10)

  6. Able to sit quietly for short periods of time

  7. Able to use the bathroom and wash hands independently

  8. Able to get along and play with other children

  9. Able to use touch, sight, and hearing to explore the world around them

  10. Able to communicate and control emotions

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