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OUR MISSION: Northern Michigan Christian School exists to educate God's children by challenging minds, nurturing hearts, and developing gifts for service in Christ's Kingdom.

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...of our staff members are Christ followers



...churches are represented in our community

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...students on average are in each class

CHALLENGING MINDS: We integrate faith into our daily curriculum while offering hands-on learning experiences and rigorous programming to challenge and support our students. Keeping this fact in mind, teachers teach and students learn math, history, science, language, music, etc. from a Christian perspective. There are strong emphases on reading the Bible, prayer, and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Parents value the high academic and curricular standards that have long been established by the school board, administration, teachers, and supporting committees.  The school is accredited through Christian Schools International and the North Central Association. All NMCS teachers are state certified and many possess advanced degrees, endorsements, and certifications. NMCS offers a varied curriculum including classes in accounting, art, agriculture, band, Bible/religion, business/finance, choir, communications, computer, English, history, language arts, mathematics, music, PE, science, and Spanish.  Special education programs (including diagnostic testing) are available for students with learning disabilities or a remedial need.  High-school students also have an opportunity to pursue skilled trade classes through the Wexford/Missaukee Career Technical Center. 

NURTURING HEARTS: We believe that each student is a uniquely gifted and blessed child of God. We are fortunate to be able to offer weekly chapels, service project opportunities, spiritual retreats and mentorship programs for our students that allow for our Comet's to be nurtured over the years. Students will be known and cared for by name. 


Small class sizes enable teachers to give unparalleled individual attention to their students.  The school highly values and depends on a significant degree of parental involvement and communication.  Attending parent/teacher conferences, volunteering in a variety of ways, and contacting teachers when a need arises is a great way for parents to actively take part in their students’ education.

DEVELOPING GIFTS: The interscholastic athletic program of Northern Michigan Christian School is an integral part of the total school program.  As part of the Highland Conference, our athletic program equips students to grow and develop  in such a way that God is honored and praised on and off the athletic court or field. Sports serve as an extension of the classroom where student athletes grow in their faith and God-given talents through transformational opportunities where Jesus Christ is central. Student athletes are equipped to impact the world for Christ through the pursuit of excellence on and off the playing surface. By being part of the team and by building community, student athletes are involved in a missional opportunity greater than the individual.


Our students also have the ability to participate in our Fine Arts program including band, choir, and our annual musical/play performances. During their time at NMCS, students also are exposed to various electives and activities including spanish, art, digital publications, physical education, service projects and so much more. We believe that each student is a uniquely gifted and blessed child of God and at NMCS we not only seek to develop our students’ academic abilities, but their spiritual, emotional, and social qualities as well.  

Northern Michigan Christian School was established over 100 years ago by a small group of committed parents with a desire to provide a distinct Christian educational environment for their students.  Since 1911, we have grown and expanded our programs into what they are today. Our educational and extra-curricular resources offer a profound Christ-centered experience for students from the pre-school to high school level.   


Challenging Minds


Nurturing Hearts


Developing Gifts

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