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Financing the cost of Christian education may be the most important investment you’ll ever make for your child’s future. That’s why Northern Michigan Christian School strives to make a Christ-centered education affordable for anyone who chooses to enroll.  NMCS has established many programs to assist parents in making Christian education a reality for their children.

TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program)


TRIP allows you to raise tuition funds through your regular shopping habits.  You can earn tuition credit just from buying products and services you routinely use—groceries, clothing, furniture, car care, restaurants, hotels, airfare, etc.  Friends, neighbors, and family members can participate to multiply your tuition earnings!  For more information, contact Tasha VanHaitsma in the TRIP office (231-825-2492) by email.  Also, be sure to check out the TRIP website:

Church Booster Clubs & Christian Education Funds


Each of the nine supporting Christian Reformed churches own and operate either a booster club or a Christian Education Fund (CEF).  The funds generated by these organizations directly support church families who have children enrolled at Northern Michigan Christian School.  For more information about a specific booster club or CEF, please contact a church deacon or elder.

Tuition Assistance Fund


Each year the greater NMCS community contributes about $200,000 which is granted to families who qualify for tuition assistance.  Families who wish to receive need-based tuition assistance must complete the financial aid application on the TADS website. For additional information please contact the finance office.

Family Discounts

If you are enrolling more than 2 children grades K - 12, you are eligible for a multi-child discount. Please contact the school’s front office for more information or checkout the discount rates below...

3 children K-12 - save $4161

4 children K-12 - save $9644

5th child's tuition = $1890

Pre-payment Discounts


Families may receive a 3% discount if their tuition is paid in full on or before July 1st for the upcoming school-year.  

Endowment Fund Interest


NMCS manages an Endowment Fund valued over $900,000.  The annual interest of this fund is used to offset tuition costs for all families at NMCS.



Family A - 1 student example

Income: $32,000

Scholarship = -$5,500

Multi Child Discount = $0.00

TRIP Program = $0.00

Yearly total = $2,948

($73.40 weekly during school)

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