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Give your child an education that's firmly founded in faith. As many parents in the area have discovered, selecting Northern Michigan Christian School to provide a faith-based education is an investment that delivers a life-time of benefits. 


Builds Character. ​

Self-esteem and respect for others are critical attributes to a happy, successful life, and NMCS expands upon and supports the important lessons you teach to your students at home. 

Instills Confidence. 

As they grow, your student will come to believe in themselves and their capabilities. At NMCS we treat every student as an individual with unique gifts and we teach them to welcome every challenge with strength, faith, and confidence. 

Encourages Scholarship.

We offer your student a diverse and challenging curriculum, the freedom to learn in a dynamic, distraction-free environment, and the encouragement and confidence to push themselves academically. Northern Michigan Christian School provides a solid foundation for success in higher education and beyond into the workplace. 

Promotes Responsibility. 

Supporting the values you teach at home, our teachers equip your student to develop a strong sense of self, a profound understanding of the difference between what is right and what is not, and an unmistakably Christian sense of Christian responsibility. 

Fosters Leadership. 

At NMCS, our classrooms, chapels, courts and fields of play provide challenges that help your student develop independence and confidence to stand alone while also equipping them to contribute equally well within the dynamics of a team. 

Encourages Participation. 

Helping your student build strong and honest relationships through participation with others is an important lesson at NMCS. We advocate active student participation in school activities and we welcome your involvement in the ongoing education of your student. 

Develops a Sense of Community. 

The lessons your children learn don't stop inside our school walls. Our students are well aware of, and participate in serving, the needs of the greater community. Finding ways to care, to share, and to take positive steps to help others is an important lesson and a vital part of the educational process. 


Encourages Stewardship. 

Northern Michigan Christian School helps your student develop a full appreciation for the gifts God provides, and an equally intense desire to share them wherever they are needed. Students at NMCS develop their unique gifts and talents to share them with their classmates, school community, and God's kingdom. 

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