"Ever wonder if it will make a difference whether your kids go to a Christian school or a public school?  Is the sacrifice worth it?  I am an Northern Michigan Christian School (NMCS) alumni with children presently at NMCS and children who have graduated from NMCS.  Yes it is worth it!  In 2001, unexpectedly the kids and I had our world turned upside down.  I lost my husband and 3 of our children and one that was unborn lost their dad in a work-related accident.  The days, weeks and years that followed were truly a blur.  Looking back on that I realize the scriptures I had hidden in my heart as a child and teenager were the only things I could recall.  I credit NMCS for much of that.  There would have been no way I would have had the composure to study scripture and memorize it after that event; I could hardly remember what I was to do next or had just done, but, when I needed the comfort and peace in the middle of the night it was the verses I learned as a child that came back to me. So is it worth it?  It was for me.  If your child ever has to go through a dark time and it's within your power as a parent to ease the pain, then yes it’s worth it!  You can't put a price on dispelling fear in the middle of the night, and your kids may never tell you that they are happy that you sent them here, but doing so makes a big difference in life down the road.  NMCS is an excellent academic education infused with God to ready you for what life has in store for you!" - NMCS Parent and Alumni, Sandi Seiting

When asked why we send our children to NMCS, the first thing that came to mind was "Because it's the best!"  Our children are our greatest blessing, and we want the best for them.  Not only is NMCS an excellent place to learn, it's a place where they are encouraged to do what they were created to do...serve God.   Their minds are challenged, their hearts are challenged, and they are truly loved by the teachers and staff.  We love it and our kids do too! - NMCS Parents Clifton and Alicia Crowe​

"I came to NMCS in 2010 excited to not only teach science but also to teach about the Creator!  My previous teaching experience had been in the public school and I love the freedom to blend my faith into my teaching.  Having the opportunity to live the Christian life amongst students who challenge, inspire, and motivate me to grow in my faith is a blessing from God.  Lively classroom discussions and probing questions from my students keep me thinking deeper about God and his creation.  Daily I remind myself that I’m at NMCS to not only educate students, but also disciple them as we build God’s Kingdom here on earth.  I have two teenage children who attend NMCS and their lives are beginning to display the influence of teachers who focus on scholastic excellence as well as Christian discipleship.  The investment NMCS has made in my children is priceless.  I can think of no greater gift than giving my children a Christian education." -NMCS Parent and Teacher, Linda DeMott 

"My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with our decision to enroll our children at NMCS.  There were many factors in making the decision, but through much time spent in prayer, we ultimately felt it was best for our children.  And it has been.  As parents, we have several choices for education for our children.  What has impressed us about NMCS is a combination of faith and a commitment to excellence in the classroom.  We value the high academic standards, the teacher to student ratio, the varied curriculum offered, and the support our children receive from their teachers.  We also love that the teachers of NMCS are further encouraging what we already try to model in our own home; an atmosphere of love, grace and acceptance as well as a heart for Jesus and a desire to share His love with those we encounter.  Another thing that has been incredibly valuable for my wife and I is the amazing community at NMCS.  We are so blessed to have  developed some rich relationships with like-minded parents who are authentic in their faith, and who encourage us as we navigate this beautiful journey of parenting together." - NMCS Parents, Mike and Amy Krick

"I'm a 2006 graduate of NMCS having attended from PreK through high school. NMCS provided me with a foundation that allowed me to continue on down the path of higher education towards eventual Bachelor and Doctorate degrees. The success cultivated by NMCS is generated not only by the high level of academic performance encouraged by the teachers, but also the life lessons learned throughout all of the extra-curricular opportunities which ranged from sports, to theater and music, to academic competition. The wide variety of opportunities were each indispensable in the shaping of young talents and interests. The cornerstone though, to the undeniable value of an NMCS education is the Christ-centered worldview that is ubiquitous throughout the curriculum and the meaningful mentorship relationships which are fostered during the course of the unique education promoted here." - Craig Buning, NMCS Class of 2006

"Northern Michigan Christian has provided me with a strong spiritual and educational foundation.   I transferred to NMCS in my 9th grade year and graduated in 1995.   With the help of the NMCS staff and students, my relationship with Jesus became real and my walk with Him developed in an amazing way.  During this same 9th grade year, I quickly realized that NMCS had very high academic standards.  The staff both challenged and encouraged me to improve my academic abilities.   These rigorous requirements ensured my later success in both my bachelor and master degree programs.  My husband and I have chosen to move back to this area and are thrilled to have the opportunity to send our children to NMCS.  I am so happy to offer my children the same opportunity for academic and spiritual growth that I was blessed to have had." - NMCS Parent, Mindy Cucinella - Class of 1995

"I have so many memories of my time at NMCS: hatching Monarch butterflies in elementary school, sledding down "the hill" in junior high, and taking a walk in Senior English to recite a poem we learned several years earlier to the perfect tree on a warm spring day. But what I remember most about the years at NMCS is how every teacher and faculty member possessed a love for learning, but more importantly a love for God. While the passion for knowledge served me well throughout and after college, it is the foundation for Christian living that was laid during my time at NMCS that has made the most impact upon my life and will continue to do so well into the future. Looking back, the quality of my education from Kindergarten through 12th grade at NMCS prepared me for success in undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies and has allowed me to pursue the career of my dreams. For this, I am incredibly grateful." - NMCS Alumni, Dr. Kelly McDonough, Class of 1999

As we think about what Northern Michigan Christian School means to our family, the refrain from the school’s Alma Mater, “The Halls of Northern” comes to mind: “you’re part of me now.”

We came to the school without any connections. No family was there, no friends, no one from our church family. In fact, we had been strongly connected to another parochial school in the Cadillac area.  Amy was an alumnus, I had served in an administrative position there, and our two daughters had friends and connections there that were positive.

The reason behind moving our daughters in the 7th and 5th grades to NMCS was for us an academic reason. The school we were a part of was very small and very limited in its offerings. We felt the strong academic program at NMCS would prove to be a better preparation for their futures. Little did we realize the impact our decision would have on us as a family.

We were warmly welcomed into the life of the school and community. As “city kids” (Cadillac compared to McBain) our daughters had some adjustments to make, but those happened smoothly enough. The girls were very active in athletics, music, theater, and extra programs like Odyssey of the Mind and Student Government. Of course, there were awkward moments and times of struggle with friends and classmates, but overall the experience was all we had hoped for. We received a Christ-centered education with exceptional academics.  As we now see our last two children, a son and daughter, coming up through the program from Pre-K on, we continue to have a similar experience.

Amy and I have also found ourselves being enveloped into the life of NMCS. We have done life deeply with our school family and have come away from it with what will be life-long relationships. Our children’s friends have become our friends as they have grown and matured. We have been able to serve the school and its families in a variety of ways and have considered it a privilege. Though neither of us ever attended a class at NMCS we to can say, “you’re part of me now.”
- NMCS Parents, Rich and Amy Langton

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