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The Arrowsmith Program is based on the application of neuroscientific research and for 40 years has worked to help students (and adults) increase their capacity to learn. The goal of the program is to help participants become more effective, confident, and self-directed learners. NMCS is one of only 31 schools in the nation to offer this unique program.  


Keep reading for more information or to complete a free confidential questionnaire which may help you decide if the Arrowsmith Program is right for you or your child.



Arrowsmith is a program of cognitive exercises designed to help students and adults with learning difficulties strengthen weak areas of the brain that are the underlying cause of many learning disabilities and become stronger learners.  It is based on the principle of neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to change.

"I now find it much easier to write and much easier to copy things down. I can now understand concepts in math without much effort and apply them to problems." - 15-year-old Arrowsmith School Student

Students in the Arrowsmith Program are typically of average or even above-average intelligence yet still struggle in school due to difficulties in reading, writing, math, comprehension, logical reasoning, executive function, visual memory, auditory memory, dyslexia, non-verbal learning, auditory processing or attention. Each student receives a thorough assessment which identifies specific problem areas and forms the basis of an individualized program of cognitive exercises. Students spend a portion of each school day working on their program, strengthening their learning capacity. Upon completion, students transition back into full time academic classes with little or no further accommodations. Those with severe intellectual, cognitive, emotional or behavioral disorders are not appropriate candidates for the Arrowsmith Program.

The Arrowsmith Program may benefit your child if there is a match between his or her areas of difficulty and the symptoms described below: 

  • Motor Symbol Sequencing 

  • Symbol Relations

  • Memory for Information or Instructions

  • Predicative Speech

  • Broca's Speech Pronunciation 

  • Auditory Speech Discrimination

  • Symbolic Thinking 

  • Symbol Recognition

  • Lexical Memory

  • Kinesthetic Perception

  • Artifactual Thinking 

  • Narrow Visual Span

  • Object Recognition

  • Spatial Reasoning

  • Abstract Reasoning

  • Mechanical Reasoning

  • Primary Motor

  • Supplementary Motor 


The Arrowsmith Program at Northern Michigan Christian School is not limited to K-12 students.  If you are an adult interested in strengthening your own cognitive functions, contact us today about enrolling.


For an overview of the more common learning problems addressed by the Arrowsmith Program read the  Chart of Learning Outcomes

Are you wondering if the Arrowsmith Program® is right for you and/or your child?  The Arrowsmith Program® Cognitive Profile Questionnaire is now available, confidential and free of charge.  Click the image below to get started!

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