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All of our classes integrate faith into all subjects throughout the day. Our students are able to participate in classroom devotions, singing songs of praise, sharing the wonders of God's grace, scripture reading, and prayer throughout the week too. Each of our classes also lead a chapel throughout the year that allow for hands-on learning and integration of Biblical principles into the classroom. Our Kindergarten through 5th Grade classes will have exposure to the following subjects through their time at NMCS: Bible, Computer Knowledge, Language Arts (Handwriting, Reading, Speaking, Spelling, Listening, Media Studies), Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, Health  and Spanish.


30 - 60 Minutes Daily

Weekly Math Fact Timed Tests

Online Math Fact Program (X-Math)

  • helps students work at an individual pace beginning with addition and working their way up to division.


2nd Grade Skills Learned:

  • Addition/Subtraction facts up to 18

  • Multiple strategies for mastering facts (doubles, doubles +1, shared numbers, nines, touch points)

  • Add/Subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers within 1000 grouping and ungrouping

  • Identify geometric shapes: square, triangle, rectangle, quadrilateral, hexagon

  • Understand faces and vertices (angles)

  • Understand word problems and identify key words for addition/subtraction

  • Tell time up to the 5 minutes, AM and PM

  • Understand place values up to 1000

    • Identify ones, tens, hundreds and one thousand place

  • Identify and add/subtract pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters up to $1.00


40 Minute Sessions, 3x Week

At NMCS, our K-5th grade science classes are focused on the exploration and investigation of God's creation through a Reformed Christian perspective. Our goal is to educate students in all of these areas in order to help them better understand and develop a relationship with God, their Creator.

4th Grade Topics:

  • Forces & Interactions

  • Waves: Light & Sound

  • Weather & Climate

  • Plants & Animals

  • States of Matter

  • Space


4th Grade Project Examples:

  • Celery Vascular System Models

  • Flower Dissection

  • Senses Scavenger Hunt

  • 1 Meter Challenge

  • Building Circuits


Daily Bible Integration

Weekly Chapels


Our Bible Curriculum teaches students about the person of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each lesson, whether from the Old Testament or the New Testament is taught from a Reformed Biblical perspective that makes room for students to grow in their knowledge of God as well as cultivate a relationship with Him.


Each curriculum is tailored for each grade level beginning with Preschool to 12th Grade and reaches students at their level and their relationship with God.

Starting in Kindergarten, students are encouraged to memorize Bible verses as to "hide the word in their heart." Our curriculum is designed to be an extension of things taught within the church as well as within the home of each student.


Projects Include:

  • Posters

  • Service Projects (Nursing Home Volunteering, Mission Fundraisers, Community Prayer, Student-led Chapels, etc.)


Our goal through Biblical instruction is to show our need for Christ and how He alone can save us from our sins. Each day is an oppourtunity to live out our faith and to glorify God in all that we do.


Although the curriculum may not be marketed as a Christian reading series, teachers consistently share personal Christian connections and help students develop their own connections to texts they read.

2 + 2 Review Pattern

  • Students practice a certain focus skill for two weeks, a new focus skill for the next 2 weeks, and then review on the 5th week.


Language Arts concepts are made accesible through Title 1 support, teacher-led guided reading groups, and extra help reinforcing topics with volunteers when needed.


Examples of Skills Learmed:

  • Comparing and Contrasting

  • Identifying Narrative Elements and Nonfiction Text Features

  • Sequencing

  • Analyzing Authors Purpose


Examples of Books:

  • On the Banks of Plum Creek

  • Lon Po Po

  • Because of Winn Dixie.

  • Shiloh

  • The One and Only Ivan

  • Holes


Students also visit the NMCS library weekly and McBain Community Library biweekly.


Examples of projects: 

  • In first grade we take a walking field trip through McBain by using a map and scavenger hunt clues to locate places in town 

  • First graders create laws, mayor, and citizens for our language arts Noun Town Project

  • First graders write letters and send Flat Stanley to family and friends, then will locate on a map where Flat Stanley is

  • First graders read and discuss Vote For Duck, then vote based on their decisions at the first grade voting booth


First Grade Skills:

  • Creating an aerial view classroom map (with map key)

  • Will be able to locate places on a town map with a map key and positional words (next to, right of, left of, behind) 

  • Will be able describe laws and community signs 

  • Will be able to recognize land and water on maps

  • Will be able to locate our state and country on the globe

  • Will understand chronological thinking of past to present 

  • Will be able to understand physical environments and the affects on people's lives (climate, what to wear)

  • Will be able to explain purpose of rules and importance of enforcing rules; and responsibilities 

  • Will be able to identify U.S symbols (flag)

  • Will be able to distinguish between producers and consumers of goods and services 


Sunshine Corners

Sunshine Corners is primarily for students with IEP's and 504's which means that the majority of students have a documented disability. In Sunshine Corners we strive to help students who struggle to reach their God-given potential. There may be a situation where a student is performing more than a year or two below grade level and after trying remediation in Title 1 (which is offered 1-2 days per week) and through volunteers, it is determined more support is needed.


What if I know my child struggled at a different school?

  • If you know that your child may have been struggling at their previous school, we would set up testing for your student prior to their first day at NMCS. This helps us make sure that the student is put in the correct grade and allows for our staff to appropriately support our students.

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