Nurturing Hearts and Challenging Minds
For Service in God's Kingdom

Our Profile

Legacy of Excellence

Northern Michigan Christian School (NMCS) was established over 100 years ago by a small group of committed parents who desired their students receive a distinctively Christian education.  Since 1911, NMCS has grown and expanded its programs into what it is today:  An excellent, Christ-centered, and progressive Early Childhood – 12th grade school serving more than 300 students representing more than 30 different Christian churches. Located in McBain (southwest Missaukee county), NMCS continues its mission of challenging minds, nurturing hearts and developing gifts for service in Christ’s kingdom.

Standard of Excellence

NMCS maintains a very high standard of both educational and organizational excellence. It is accredited by Christian Schools International ( and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (  High-school ACT scores are the highest in the area while middle-school standardized test scores show NMCS students working 1 – 2 years above the national average.

Organizational Excellence

The school is owned and operated by the Northern Michigan Christian School Association.  The association is made up of people who agree with the Biblical foundation of the school and have made a financial commitment to the school.  The vision and direction for the school is shaped by an elected board of directors.  The stated mission is then carried out by the administration, faculty, staff, and volunteer corps.  The school is run by parents rather than by a church.  NMCS parents, teachers, staff members, and other supporters work together to nurture the hearts and challenge the minds of all children at NMCS.