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Our History

Believed to be Lucas West Side first students, approx. 1911

West Side Christian

and Lucas-McBain

"Christian education in the McBain area had it's beginnings in 1909 in a basement room in the Lucas Christian Reformed Church when a Christian School Society was formed by a group of concerned parents...  Through much cooperation and sacrifice, the society was able, through the blessing of the One to whom the school was dedicated, to build the two-room Lucas West Side Christian school."  "History of Missaukee County Schools," published 1976 by The Waterfront.

Lucas East Side Christian, 1916-1952

East Side Christian School

"When the Lucas East Side Christian School Society was organized in 1915, the West Side Christian School was already in operation.  However, there were several families living on the far eastern side of the Lucas area who were interested in Christian education.  It was too far for their children to walk.  Therefore these parents organized the Lucas East Side Christian School Society. [A] pattern of parents working together to support and maintain their school continued throughout its thirty-six year existence."  NMCS 75th Anniversary booklet.

Highland Christian School - 1940s

Highland Christian School


Although the Highland School Board minutes have been lost, some excerpts of the meetings (two years of which were written in Dutch!) from the 1972 Northern Echo remain.

"Repetition is characteristic of record books.  In order to gather these bits of history, it was necessary to read certain phrases over and over.  After a while one phrase which appeared with persistent regularity twice in every entry suddenly seemed to stand out in importance from the lined pages of the ledger: 'Prayer was offered by ____________.'  Certainly time has shown that Almighty God heard those many prayers and blessed the efforts of the dedicated men who offered them.  The trust they placed in Him was rewarded." Highland Christian School minutes as quoted in the 1972 Northern Echo.

Vogel Center Christian

"The first Christian school society in Vogel Center was organized in 1927, .., but little progress was made.  The new group was organized in 1945." "Plans were made to actually begin a Christian school that fall in the Vogel Center school building which had been purchased from the McBain school district after consolidation had left the building empty." "History of Missaukee County Schools", published 1976 by The Waterfront.

"The Vogel Center Christian School was built to provide our children with a God-centered education, and we were and are very thankful to our God for His goodness to us as we struggled those years to pay for the building.  This was done by 1962, in just ten years.  To God be the glory - great things He had done!" Mrs. James G. Beerens, "History of Missaukee County Schools," published 1976 by The Waterfront.

Ebenezer Christian School building

Ebenezer Christian

"Ebenezer!  Thus far has the Lord helped us!  Inspired by the promises God gave to Israel, a group of Christian citizens in the Aetna, Prosper, and Falmouth areas felt the need of Christian education for their children."  "Each church organized a Christian School society...After the two societies joined, a school board was elected."  "The school was ready to open in the fall of 1949."

"We are thankful that we are able to maintain our schools throughout the year, and that we were able to teach each subject in the light of God's Word.  We give Him all the praise of His gracious help and blessings." "History of Missaukee County Schools, published 1976 by The Waterfront and NMCS 75th Anniversary booklet.

Northern Michigan Christian School

"The Northern Michigan Christian School (NMCS) had its inception at a meeting December 16, 1940, where those who sensed the need of higher Christian education met to discuss the possibility of having the parents of all the neighboring Christian Reformed churches combine in a Christian High School Association.  [As] the dream of a Christian High School for Northern Michigan became a reality.  The first class of seniors graduated in 1942.  NMCS 75th Anniversary booklet and the History of NMCS written 2006.

Dedication Program for the New Building, May 4, 1950