Nurturing Hearts and Challenging Minds
For Service in God's Kingdom

Our Board of Directors


The Northern Michigan Christian School (NMCS) Board of Directors believes that, as representatives of the NMCS parents and association members, it is a duty and a privilege to provide Christian education for its students.  There are four foundational values of Northern Michigan Christian School that the Board of Directors has committed to uphold and advance:

NMCS is a Christian school.
NMCS is a covenantal school.
NMCS is committed to excellence.
NMCS must be accessible to all.

The Northern Michigan Christian School Board of Directors meets the 3rd Monday of each month.

Board Member Committe Chair E-mail Address
Travis Winkle, 

Board President
Mike Yount, 
Vice Chair

Technology Committee
Finance Committee
Mindy Cucinella, 

Education Committee
Rich Smallegan

Transportation and
Facilities Committee
Dan Villwock Finance Committee
Endowment Committee
Rich Langton Education Committee
Brian Quist

Athletic Committee
Maggie Southwick Contract Committee

Kent Bowden Athletic Committee

Rev. Greg Kett
Pastor Advisor

  Highland Christian Reformed Church