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International Students

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Northern Michigan Christian School hosts a vibrant and exciting International Student Program.  Each year we have approximately a dozen students from around the world studying at NMCS.  Students come to us from Germany, France, Ukraine, Spain, China, South Korea, Chile, Honduras, and other countries.  Some come for a semester; some stay for 4 years. 

Northern Michigan Christian School provides ELL and tutoring support for our international students.  In addition to the educational and homestay support, our international students have the opportunity to go on special field trips to area attractions.  Whether a day of skiing, a trip to the Lake Michigan seashore, a visit to an area dairy farm, or just enjoying our annual International Meal, our students get to know each other and to experience beautiful northern Michigan in fun and challenging ways.

At NMCS we know that international students bring with them their own experiences, insights, cultural expressions which will enrich the school's culture. International students help us create a mosaic that celebrates diversity. Our students can learn much from students of other nations.  That is why our international students are encouraged to lead presentations about their home and country at a student assembly during their stay at NMCS.

International students are provided with the same high quality instruction and support services available to our resident students during the school year.  NMCS students score very high on the ACT test each year.  As well, NMCS offers dual enrollment classes (high school and college credit at the same time!), Honors classes, and on-line courses.  Our English 12  course prepares our most able students to successfully take the AP English exam. 

International students who successfully complete at least one year of upper-level classes may qualify for an NMCS high school diploma.  Students with a Northern Michigan Christian School diploma are qualified to attend any college or university in Michigan or in the USA, depending on their grades and test scores.  Students who stay at Northern Michigan Christian School for two or three years are ready to successfully enroll in a wide variety of U.S. universities.