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NMCS First Grade

Grandparents Day

October 30, 2015
By Miss Deur

We are getting ready to sing for our grandparents!

We are showing our grandparents how much we love to sing.

My grandma and I are learning in 1st grade.

My grandpa has a question for the teacher.

We love our grandparents very much!

Science Experiment

October 13, 2015
By Miss Deur
I love to play with clay.  Science is the best.  I am trying to make this peice of clay float!
I learned that sinking things don't always float.
I like to play with clay.  It is fun to play with clay.
I like science and it is fun.  Science is fun.
I learned how to make things float and sink.
I like to play with clay.
I can make things.  So can you.
We made boats that float.
I can make a ball.
I play with clay.  I can make a boat.  It can float.
I like to make clay boats.  It is awesome.
We made a boat.  Water is fun.  Water is too fun.
I was trying to make it to float.
I can make this float.  We can try more.  It was hard to make.  It was hard.
We were successful!  It is filled with animals and still floating!


Pictures and Captions

October 02, 2015
By Miss Deur

The students took pictures of each other.  Students wrote their own caption for their picture.

I am relaxing on the couch.
I am up high.
I like to be on the slide.
I like to sit on a couch.
I can climb.
I love to be on the monkey bars.
I am the best at this thing.  I like doing this.  My life is good.
I like to sit on the swing.
I like to play.
I am on the teeter totter.
I am by the slide
I am indoors.

Quiet Work Time

September 27, 2015
By Miss Deur
Reading is fun!


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