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Volunteer Opportunities

In order to continue to run an athletic program efficiently and without an extra burden of cost on the athletic budget, Northern Michigan Christian School utilizes a Volunteer Points System.  It is our hope that parents and families willingly volunteer to help make our athletic events run smoothly.  We couldn't do it without our volunteers!  We know many people volunteer over and above what is required, and for that we are grateful.  We appreciate all of the contributions that are made in work and giving of time over the course of the school year.  

Here are the details about how the program is run:

Each family that has a student participate in athletics at NMCS (grades 6-12th) is encouraged to volunteer for at least 20 points per family of volunteer time (10 points for a single-parent family).  It is 20 points no matter how many sports your child plays or how many students you have involved in sports.

If parents elect NOT to volunteer, each family will have $100 added to their tuition account that will be given to the athletic budget.  This $100 can be pro-rated based on how many volunteer points are accumulated.  For example, if you volunteer 10 pts worth of time, and that is all you do for the year, you will be billed for $50 at the end of the year.  If you complete all 20 points, then you will be billed nothing.  We do this for two reasons:  first, it is our foremost desire that parents choose to volunteer.  We would much rather prefer to have volunteers than to charge the $100 fee.  Secondly, if we do not get enough volunteers, we then have to hire students or others to fill the spaces and it costs the athletic department money (also in time spent trying to find people to fill the positions).

We will have sign up sheets available on the night of the annual Back-to-school Barbecue in September, where you can sign up for various athletic volunteer positions.  This will be done similarly to past years.  We love it if you sign up at this time because the more spots we fill early on, the less leg work has to be done later in the year! 

If you are interested in doing some athletic volunteer work that does not involve coming in to school for a game or event, there are some possibilities available where you could do some work from your home.  One way would be to be the person responsible for setting up volunteers for specific events or seasons – for instance, if you were willing to call and organize volunteers for spring track meets, this is a job that could be done from home.  If you are interested in volunteering in this way, please call Diane Eisenga at school (231) 825-2492, or by e-mail at

Below are some examples of athletic volunteer opportunities:

Taking tickets at home athletic events

Selling concessions at home athletic events

Helping to serve meals and at the Dal-Mac bicycle tour 

Assist with youth camps/clinics

Assisting with or organizing athletic fundraisers