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Arrowsmith Testimonials

Here are some of the changes NMCS parents, grandparents and teachers are noting in

their Arrowsmith students:


"Our son began the Arrowsmith Program 3 years ago as an early elementary student.  We along with his teachers were noticing definite issues with his short term memory (spelling words, phonograms, reading…)  As frustrating as it was for us as parents to try to get through homework, it pained us more to watch our child’s confidence deteriorate and begin to emotionally and relationally start to shut down.
Within the first semester of enrollment in the Arrowsmith Program we noticed marked improvement in his confidence and relational skills.  He actually started to look at someone in the eye when they were talking to him, instead of keeping his head down. The growth in these areas has continued along with measurable improvement in the areas of his spelling, reading, and math skills.
At first glance of the assignments and tasks that they work through in the program, we wondered how any of this would help our son read or learn his math facts.  However, the holistic approach of this program in “re-training” the brain to process things in a different matter or sequence is proven success. Mrs. Zuiderveen’s belief in this program, and our son, along with her patient encouraging approach, has been a true blessing to us as parents.  Ever since being in the program, we’ve never had to battle our son to do his Arrowsmith homework, because he knows what he needs to do and he knows how he needs to do it. That sense of accomplishment has made tremendous differences in his overall attitude and demeanor.
Honestly, we can not imagine where our son would be scholastically without the Arrowsmith Program and cannot adequately put into words the value it has and continues to be for our son, us as parents, and our family as a whole. "

"She is able to interact more comfortably with new people than before, and now has better eye contact."

"I've already seen a major change in the area of reading.  He started reading chapter books and he was able to tell me the events that had occurred in the story.  This is a huge stepping stone forward."

"We've noticed an improvement in time management and organization, as well as an increase in social interactions and self-esteem."

"The first year was very difficult for him.  There was lots of homework and we didn't see many results.  This year has been very exciting for us.  The STAR reading test was a HUGE improvement.  He is up to grade level with reading.  Also, I was so excited when I saw the Iowa Test of Basic Skills score!  I realize that we still have work to do, but all of us have been encouraged by his progress.  He is more willing to make an attempt at assignments and doesn't feel overwhelmed and ready to quit before he starts.  He is doing better at getting his work done and managing his time.  He also actually reads!  I don't have to force him to read, but he WANTS to!"

"We have noticed an increase in desire to read!!!  She is loving to read.  We also have noticed that from the beginning hardly any complaints about homework.  We have noticed a huge increase in her confidence about school."

"She is able to do math better mentally in her head now.  She still struggles with some of her facts but she has retained most of her addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.  She is also more willing to communicate and ask questions than she did at the beginning of the year."

"Her writing in her journal and in letters has greatly improved.  Her penmanship is neater, her spelling better and content clearer."

"I see her staying focused on homework much better and in her routine jobs, following through and not being so indecisive.  She's commented to us: 'I don't always like doing homework, but I know Arrowsmith is helping my brain.'"

"Her confidence has increased and that has been noted by family and friends.  She tends to reason things out better while verbalizing her thoughts.  She gets very excited about her accomplishments at school and even in everyday things that are a struggle for her."

"He is remembering his basic facts.  He can independently now do multi-digit problems.  He can independently solve word problems using these skills."

"Her math skills have developed well this year.  She appears more confident both socially and with her academic abilities.  She has become a much more independent learner."

"She is calmer in social situations.  She is more intuitive and less apprehensive.  Where before when there would be larger family gatherings, she would at first be very excited, but would soon withdraw to another place to watch a DVD or something familiar, now she is much more apt to stay.  She now cares not only that the job is done, but that it is done well.  Arrowsmith has given her a sense of accomplishment and an almost universally increased self-confidence."

"She is gaining confidence and is more willing to try new things.  She appears more socially alert and willing to interact with other students."