Nurturing Hearts and Challenging Minds
For Service in God's Kingdom


Dominican Republic Mission Trip

It is one of the goals at NMCS that each student will have a desire to be of service in God’s kingdom.  Each year, juniors at Northern Michigan Christian School embark on a service trip to the Dominican Republic.  This mission trip is just one opportunity for our students to grow spiritually and have a chance to serve others.  Through service projects and fundraisers, students raise their own support to cover the cost of their trip.

It is the mission of Northern Michigan Christian School to nurture hearts and challenge minds for service in God's Kingdom.  To that end, it is our objective that, through the DR Mission Trip, students will: 

  • Understand that God’s Kingdom can be found in all parts of the world;
  • Express thankfulness for the saving grace of God through Jesus, and will choose to share the message of salvation with others;
  • Be exposed to the poverty and need of a third world country;
  • Gain an appreciation for, and a commitment to, missions;
  • Begin to experience, appreciate, and come to understand a foreign culture; and
  • Work together as community in all aspects of preparing for and working on the DR Mission Trip.

Donations to help support travel expenses and fund mission projects in the Dominican Republic can be sent by clicking the 'Give' button below or can be mailed to Northern Michigan Christian School, c/o DR Mission Trip, 128 S. Martin St., McBain, MI 49657.  

Northern Michigan Christian School is proud to partner with sWipe Away Poverty financial services and Prolific Business  Solutions.  sWipe Away Poverty tithes (10%) on their net profits to Compassion International. So when you make your payments online, you are helping release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty. Thank you so much!