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FACTS Tuition Assessment

Northern Michigan Christian Schools provides need-based scholarships to help families afford Christian education.  All scholarship funds are provided by members and donors who respond to our annual Scholarship Drive.  The fund is then used to provide scholarships to families who otherwise could not afford the full cost of an NMCS education for their children. 

We use a third-party to confidentially review prospective parents’ financial situation and, based on their analysis, they recommend scholarship amounts to us.  FACTS is an internet-based education management service (    This service is unbiased, and confidential.  The NMCS FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment home page can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


Northern Michigan Christian School requires a minimum tuition, but may provide scholarships based on need to families seeking a Christ-centered education for their children.

Scholarships are not available for pre-school or for the Arrowsmith program.  For more information, contact the Business Office.